Monday, November 23, 2009


Commitee Members*:

Drum major: Muslihah
Band Major: Sabrina
Secretary: Jasmine
Quarter Mistresses: Indah, Jin Yin
Treasurer: Felix
UIC: Hadirah
Welfare: Sabrinah
Librarian: Geneveive

Section Leaders:
Flute: Vera
Clarinet: Vincent, Hadirah
Saxophone: Oscar, Falizah
French Horn: Felix
Trumpet: Afiqah
Trombone: Dyna
Euphonium: Velicia
Tuba: Jasmine
Percusiion: Sakyallah

*The commitee members will be under probation.

Upcoming Event:
There wil be a 3 days camp(non-residential) on 28dec-30dec.
Time: 9am to 3pm
Venue: School, Band Room
Attire: School/Band T-shirt, Skirt/Pants(guys)/Shorts*
*If you're wearing t-shirt and shorts please remember to tuck in!
Info: During the three days camp, we will be practising for the upcoming event which is the sec one orientation programme(CCA Open House). We will be doing banner making together. Besides that, we will be doing lots of footdrills for the POP(Pass Out Parade-Farewell).

For the post, please do keep your comments to yourself. No arguments should be made! I really hope whatever the teachers and conductors had said to you on the last Band practice goes inside your head. The leaders, teachers and conductors had a really hard time to choose the commitee members. We put some sec 2s in the commitee because we need them to get ready for the next SYF(2011). Those sec 3s who are not chosen, I hope you guys won't feel left out or dissappointed. We know all of you had done your best and put in alot of effort in Band, but you can't expect everyone in Band to be leaders and have no members right? Don't worry, you are still part of us! :) This goes to the sec 2s as well. We really appreciate your presence and commitment in Band so far. Good Job and Keep It Up!!(can do even better!!!)

Secondly, I wish to see everyone working together, regardless of your age and post. Sec 3s, do work and co-operate with your sec 2s in the commitee. Assist and guide them through. I believe with your experience and well-taught teachings by the teachers and conductors, you guys can help the sec 2s to help out the Band. With everyone working together and co-operating with one another, the Band will succeed and get a better award for the next SYF(belive in yourself!) We all do not want a situation where the Band have to close down due to certain circumstances, right? So, I really hope the next batch can make it through, working together as one!

Lastly, next year, we need to recruit at least 35 members. We will need that much members because some of our members have been M.I.A. We need a strong batch in 2010 to get through SYF in 2011, if you guys want to maintain a BRONZE or even better. So, try to get as many sec 1s as you can, alright?? And make them feel at ease and comfortable having seniors like you guys, so that they will not quit.
Well, that's all I got to say. Hope to see you guys on 28dec!!



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